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Regional Guide for French Property Buyers

This is a Guide to France with regional and departmental information written to help you decide where to buy your French property.

If you are planning to buy a property in France, the location and surroundings are as important as the property itself. “Location, location, location” is as relevant a benchmark as it ever was. Views, landscape and the characteristics of each département all have their part to play in conjunction of course with all that this wonderful country offers in terms of the French lifestyle that draws so many people to France. Even with 18 years of experience assisting applicants in their search, the choice is so extensive it is hard to advise where to buy and we are very conscious of the necessity to be able to learn about the different options and areas.

With the pace of modern life , not everyone has the time to research areas thoroughly. This simple guide to France is designed to give a snapshot of the main characteristics and flavour of each of the regions and départements and of some of their towns, providing a little more in-depth knowledge of what is on offer in these varied and unique corners of France.

There are 100 'départements', 96 of which are distributed between the 21 regions featured in this guide. Numbered alphabetically, they appear as the first two numbers in every post code and also as the last two digits on car number plates until 2008 when this will change.

The French are justifiably proud of their country and their fierce patriotism is infectious. They approach their leisure pursuits with enthusiasm and passion, whether it is 'la chasse', a gastronomic or local event or just a game of boules under the dappled shade of plane trees in a sleepy village square. Whether you are seeking sun, sea or mountains or to escape to the rural tranquillity of ' La France profonde' we hope you will find this added feature of use and enjoyable to visit.

Please use the regional map to your right to click through to the regions in which you are interested and thence to the departments and, where relevant, towns.